Get rid of Stress

Everyone knows stress is bad for you and can lead to emotional and physical problems. Friends may say you just need to relax. Maybe you tried meditation, exercise or yoga, and it didn't work -- you're stressed out and the nagging internal voice never stops. What do you do?

Using hypnosis, we work with the subconscious to get rid of stress so it no longer causes problems. The result is a positive mental attitude, improved focus and a happier life. It’s safe, completely natural and often more effective than other approaches.

What problems can stress cause?

Long term stress can result in decreased quality of life, disease and bad habits. In fact, studies show that at least 80% of all visits to the doctor are stress related. Long term stress can cause:

How well does it work?*

Here's a recent client experience:

I struggled with stress and self-confidence my entire life. It was getting to the point where it was holding me back from living my life. I was in a constant worried state of mind, and would obsess over even the smallest things. Social situations were difficult because I was so self-conscious and felt like I had to try way too hard, making regular conversation with people exhausting. I had always been extremely hard on myself and was my own worst enemy at times because I couldn't accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. I felt like I had to be perfect.

Steve helped change my outlook by reinforcing positive thinking and confidence. I no longer obsess over mistakes and instead learn from them and move on. I’m calm in social situations while staying confident. I feel like I can live my life now without being nearly as anxious as I used to be. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone suffering from stress. He is a great person and has helped me tremendously. I wish I had found him a long time ago.
Eric Raya,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different.

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