Feeling Stuck?

Are you stuck in bad habits that seem impossible to change? Maybe it's the way you eat, smoke or drink. Perhaps it's troubling feelings from past emotional wounds, knee-jerk reactions to situations or poor self-esteem. Maybe you procrastinate, don't perform to your full potential or lack motivation. Hypnosis unlocks the power of your mind to make the change you want quickly, easily and without willpower.

The Power of Habits

Subconscious responses, which are a kind of habit, are the brain's primary survival tool. The subconscious uses a habit whenever possible because it's 10 times faster than deciding what to do. They're so much faster they give you a 30 yard head-start on a cheetah.

Habits drive most of what we do. In fact, anything done without deciding to do it is a habit. That means things like your emotional response to situations, the way you eat and feel about yourself are the result of habits.

The Subconscious makes Mistakes

The subconscious is incredibly powerful but not very sophisticated, and sometimes it learns a habit by mistake. For example, you might eat sweets when stressed because subconsciously it makes you feel better even though you gain weight.

Yet, the subconscious is a bit like a 4-year old. It doesn't understand the future and is completely focused on immediate gratification. Because it's focused on the moment, it doesn't know that eating sweets causes you to gain weight. Basically, anything that makes you feel better in the moment is always the right thing to do as far as it's concerned.

Habits are designed to Change

The conscious mind has little influence over subconscious reactions so simply wanting to change seldom makes it happen. After all, if you could, you’d have already changed it. Yet, the subconscious immediately changes a habit once it realizes it’s bad for you. The technique is based on neuroscience and learning theory and isn’t part of hypnotherapy or NLP. Yet, when combined with hypnosis, it's incredibly fast and effective.

Hypnosis changes Habits

Hypnotherapy changes habits but it works even better when combined with neuroscience, learning theory and neuro-linguistics. It works so well, 80% of my clients are referrals from previous clients, and more than 95% change their habit in 2 - 3 sessions. It's a unique approach that's much faster than the standard 4 – 6 session protocol using hypnosis alone. Why take longer and spend more when it isn't needed?

No Willpower Needed

Habits don't rely on willpower to work. After all, bad habits never need willpower – they just happen by themselves. Good habits work the same way. Once a bad habits is changed to a good one, it happens automatically and willpower is never required.

Save Time

Most clients need only 2 - 3 sessions to solve their problem which reduces time away from work and total travel time. By the way, I never schedule sessions back-to-back so we usually start within a few minutes of your arrival – even if you're 10 to 15 minutes early.

Save Money

Check around and you'll find that hypnotherapy prices range from $90 to $180 per hour. My fees are close to the bottom of the scale even though I've been working with hypnosis since 1985. Combine lower prices with fewer sessions and you save hundreds of dollars.

Free Consultation

I offer a free face-to-face or telephone consultation to help you understand what we do, how it works and answer your questions. Of course, there's no charge or obligation if you decide not to proceed for any reason. Also, the initial session always includes a consultation so you can schedule a consultation and continue if it feels right. It's a great way to save time and get started quickly.

Help for those in Need

I reserve 10% of my hypnotherapy practice for those struggling to make ends meet. Everyone pays something but the fee varies based on income and the situation. These sessions fill up quickly and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Support for Veterans

I offer free sessions to veterans recently returning from service. There's no cost or obligation for as long as we work together. It's my way of saying "thanks" for the sacrifices they've made.