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Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to browse to learn more about my practice and how hypnotherapy can help you change unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Please contact me if you have questions. I'm happy to help in any way I can.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a process for changing what you do without consciously thinking about it. It combines relaxation, imagination and your brain's natural ability to learn so you can easily transform:

It’s fast, easy and naturally effective. 95% of my clients make the change they want 3 sessions or less and most of those (80%) in just 1 or 2.

Easily Lose Weight

95% of diets fail with most regaining more than they lost. Thankfully, 1 - 3 sessions can permanently change that. more...

Stop Smoking

More than 90% of my clients quit for good in 1 session. It's fast, easy and doesn't rely on will power. more...

End Sleep Problems

22% of people have chronic sleep problems. Hypnotherapy helps you return to normal sleep patterns in 1 – 4 sessions. more...

Regain Control

More than 22% of adults lose control to substances and bad habits. Usually 1 - 3 sessions help you regain control. more...

Get Physical Relief

Get relief from pain, hot flashes, migraines, morning sickness or motion sickness in just 1 – 2 sessions. more...

Stop Emotional Reactions

Unwanted emotional responses may seem impossible to change. Yet 1 - 2 sessions usually solves the problem. more...

Improve Self-Esteem

Do you struggle with confidence, motivation or self-esteem? Hypnotherapy usually changes limiting beliefs in 1 - 3 sessions. more...

Stop Procrastinating

It's easy to stop procrastinating and improve motivation with hypnotherapy. Often 1 - 2 sessions is all that's needed. more...

Improve Performance

Hypnotherapy improves performance at school, work, sports and even in bed. Usually all it takes is 1 - 2 sessions. more...

Positive Changes for Less

My objective is to provide the highest quality care at a reasonable price when you consider my expertise, experience and services. The price of hypnotherapy in the Metro area ranges from $75 to $180 per hour. My prices are among the lowest even though I'm one of the most experienced practitioners in the area. In fact, you'll find a wide range of prices and experience, but it's hard to find a better value.

Discounted Sessions for those in Need

I reserve 10% of my practice for those that need help but are struggling to make ends meet. Everyone pays something but the price varies based on income and the situation. These sessions fill up quickly and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Free Sessions for Veterans

I offer free sessions to veterans returning from service. There’s no cost or obligation and sessions are free for as long as we work together. It’s my way of saying “thanks” for the sacrifices they’ve made for our country.

One last thing...

Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for psychotherapy or medical treatment. I am not a doctor or psychotherapist and do not diagnose or treat a mental or physical illness. If you are in need of such treatment, contact your physician or a licensed mental health professional.