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Steve Frison CHt, NLP


Steve's worked with hypnosis since 1985. He's certified by the IBH as a Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Hypnotherapist and Fellow. more...

Client Results*

Honestly, I walked into hypnosis more due to curiosity. I suppose I was cautiously optimistic. I figured, worst case scenario, I learn more about hypnosis and am the same as before I went in... Well I was quite surprised when I walked out profoundly changed. It is hard to describe, but something major in me had shifted and I felt, and have continued to feel, a great sense of peace. The concerns I had, that lead me to try hypnosis, vanished. Steve is a natural healer, who is authentic, pleasant, and comforting.
Lua Weatherdon,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Many of us have a few habits we’d like to change. Common ones include the way we eat, drink or smoke. Yet did you know that procrastination, the way we deal with stress and our self-esteem are habits too? Even things like the way we interact with others or troubling feelings from past trauma are a kind of habit.

Hypnosis uses the power of the subconscious and the brains’ natural learning ability to quickly change habits. It's safe, completely natural and frequently more effective than other therapies. It's commonly used to:

Rapid Results

The combination of hypnosis, neuroscience and neuro-linguistics quickly transforms habits. Most see results in half the number of sessions than hypnosis alone, so you save time and money while making the change you want.

It's Affordable

Steve's rates are among the lowest in town even though he's one of the most experienced practitioners in the area. Most reach their goal in a few sessions, sometimes less, so it's very affordable.

Free Consultation

It's a great way to ask any questions you might have about hypnotherapy or Steve's approach, background and training, or to just make sure the chemistry feels right. Call 503-307-5936 to learn more.

Free Sessions for Veterans

Steve offers free services to Veteran's recently returning from service. It's his way of saying thanks for the sacrifices they've made.