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Steve Frison CHt, NLP


Steve's worked with hypnosis since 1985. He's certified as a Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Hypnotherapist and Fellow. more...

Client Results*

Honestly, I walked into hypnosis more due to curiosity. I suppose I was cautiously optimistic. I figured, worst case scenario, I learn more about hypnosis and am the same as before I went in... Well I was quite surprised when I walked out profoundly changed. It is hard to describe, but something major in me had shifted and I felt, and have continued to feel, a great sense of peace. The concerns I had, that lead me to try hypnosis, vanished. Steve is a natural healer, who is authentic, pleasant, and comforting.
Lua Weatherdon,        Portland OR

* Your results may be different. 

Everyone wants a happy and satisfying life. Yet, sometimes unwanted habits and emotional reactions get in the way. Therapeutic hypnosis and cognitive training techniques transform unwanted responses to ones that lead to improved quality of life. It’s fast, completely natural and often more effective than other techniques.

Re-train your brain

Habits and emotional reactions are Conditioned Responses. Something happens and the brain triggers the habit before you’re aware of it. It’s one of the things that make them so frustrating and difficult to change. Yet, most of us can think of habits we used to have that simply went away. You didn’t do anything, they just disappeared.

Using hypnosis, we trigger the subconscious’ natural learning ability to transform bad habits to ones that support a healthy lifestyle. This makes it easy to

Improve your quality of life

Steve’s helped over a thousand clients quickly change unwanted responses without needing to dwell on stressful situations or an unpleasant past. It's a great way to comfortably improve your quality of life.

It's Affordable

It's hard to put a price on quality of life but price is always important. Steve’s sessions cost less than most of his peers even though he’s one of the most experienced practitioners in the area. He also reserves 10% of his practice for those in need. Feel free to call and learn more.

Free 30 minute consultation

Next to a friend’s recommendation, a consultation is the best way to see if hypnosis is right for you. It’s also a great way to learn more about hypnosis, Steve’s approach or just to make sure the chemistry feels right. Call 503-307-5936 to learn more.

Free Sessions for Veterans

Steve offers free sessions to Veteran's recently returning from service. It's his way of thanking them for their service and the sacrifices they've made.