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Feeling Stuck?

Are you stuck with bad habits that seem impossible to change? Maybe it's the way you eat, smoke or drink. You might struggle with troubling feelings from past emotional wounds, knee-jerk reactions to situations or poor self-esteem. Maybe you procrastinate, lack motivation or are stressed out. Thankfully, these problems are easy to change when you use the natural learning abilities of the subconscious mind.

Change with Hypnosis

The combination of hypnotherapy, neuroscience, neuro-linguistics and learning theory is an incredibly effective way to get rid of bad habits. It works so well that more than 80% of my clients are referrals from previous clients.

No Willpower Needed

Habits never rely on willpower. After all, you don't need willpower for a bad habit and and good habits work the same way. Once a a habit changes, it happens automatically. Willpower is never required.

It's not Your Fault

Many believe it's easy to consciously change a habit, so those with bad habits are either lazy or lack willpower. That's unfortunate because the conscious has limited influence over the subconsious and it leaves many with the idea there's something wrong with them or they're lacking in some way.

The truth is the subconscious controls habits and it learns them automatically. In fact, you can't stop it. The primitive subconscious is like a four year-old. It doesn't know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, and it doesn't understand the future. It's simply focused on reacting in a way that makes you feel better in the moment. A bad habit is simply a childish response it learned by mistake that has unwanted future side effects. It's never been your fault in any way.

It's not Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy isn't talk therapy. It's a completely different approach and doesn't resemble talk therapy in any way. We don't spend time rehashing difficult situations or getting into bad feelings from the past because it isn't needed to change the habit. Instead, we identify what you do, when you do it and what you'd rather do instead. It's really all that's needed to do the work.

Why Steve?

(Ugh. I hate this part because it sounds too much like bragging for my liking but my friends have been terrorizing me for years to add it. They even gave me a first draft. I finally relented but didn't tell them I was adding this paragraph so at least I feel better about it…)

There are many good therapists in town but, like any profession, there are differences that affect results. Here are a few you may want to consider:


I'm required to follow the same guidelines for confidentiality used by doctors, psychotherapists and other licensed medical professionals so any information provided during a session is completely confidential.

Free Consultation

I offer a free face-to-face or telephone consultation to help you understand what we do, how it works and answer your questions. Of course, there's no charge or obligation if you decide not to proceed for any reason. Also, the initial session always includes a consultation, so you can schedule a consultation and continue with a session if it feels right. It's a great way to save time and get started quickly.

Help for those in Need

I reserve 10% of my practice for those struggling to make ends meet. Everyone pays something but the fee varies based on income and the situation. These sessions fill up quickly and are available on a first come, first served basis.

Free Support for Veterans

I offer free sessions to veterans recently returning from service. There's no cost or obligation regardless of how long we work together. It's my way of saying "thanks" for the sacrifices they've made.